Saturday, 26 May 2012

Day 3 - Resisting Temptation...!

I am so impressed with myself! I attended the two BBQ's, and kept my new healthy eating in mind. Below Is what I ate during the day.

Breakfast - 95% meat sausage with brown bread
Lunch - fruit salad
Dinner - BBQ! Chicken, beef steak and a small burger with lots of salad and one small bread bun for the burger. Then there were ice creams but I resisted, it was hard!!!

I have also decided that, for the majority of the time, I am going to be alcohol free. It is something that I have never really been that bothered about, and so I would rather save the calories I would use in alcoholic drinks. There may be the odd occasion I do have an alcoholic beverage (like yesterday!) but I won't beat myself up about it when I do, unless I go completely overboard!

I have included a couple of images from what I ate at the BBQ, note to self, take pictures before you start eating! Apologies for the half eaten food :)

As part of my new healthy self I do want to start running, however I have never managed to run further than half a mile without stopping! At the moment in time England are experiencing a 'heat wave' with temperatures at about 28 degrees Celsius every day. It's beautiful but maybe a little too hot to start running in! So I am breaking myself in gently, going on regular walks and increasing the length, and pace, each time. The weather is set to cool down for next weekend so my first 'aim' of my weight loss journey is to interval jog a 3 mile route next weekend. I walk this route alot so am excited to try it jogging!

Today we are going out for Sunday lunch at the venue we will be getting married at next year, exciting! We are going with our families which will be nice for them to get to see the venue. I promise to take some pictures :)

Speak soon!
Ellie x

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