Sunday, 27 May 2012

Day 4 - First Meal Out!

So today was my first meal out since I have begun my journey to a new healthier me, and I have to say it was very tough! (don't judge!)

We went for a meal at the venue we will be getting married at next year, which is absolutely beautiful! We were both keen to taste the food and get a sample of what we will be eating on our wedding day. And we were not to be disappointed! The food was AMAZING! I drank diet coke to make sure I wasn't having any un-necessary calories and this is what I ate...

Pre-Starter - cold tomato and red pepper soup.
Starter - goats cheese mousse salad
Main- roast beef
Pre-Dessert - vanilla mousse with rum and raisin topping
Desert - Strawberries with a vanilla mousse

Ever single mouthful was gorgeous! It was so so tasty, I can't quite believe it! I certainly wasn't intending on eating so much when I got there, but the menu was a fixed 3 course price, and therefore felt obliged to order the 3 courses, (i just can't say no...) not knowing there were two mini starters as well! Woops...

So today was not the most successful diet day, I did try to pick the healthier options so hopefully it won't have made too much damage. I did also forget to take any pictures of the food, sorry! Must get into the habit of taking pictures before I dig in :) but here is a lovely picture of our wedding venue, I cannot wait to be here again next year!

Hope you've all had a lovely day. I'll be back tomorrow with more dietary tales!

Ellie x

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