The Beginning

Friday, 25 May 2012

Day 1 - The Beginning!

Well, here goes! My first blog entry, and hopefully the first of many!

I have attemped diet after diet, lost weight, gained weight, again and again but have never had any lasting results. I have tried the ridiculous 'hollywood' diets, as well as the popular weightloss groups, but down to my non existant will power, the weight always seem to creep back on.

In recent times I have even been part of an article for Closer Magazine where I followed a low carb diet plan, hoping the exposure of the article would encourage me to continue with the plan once it had been published. However, true to form, my bad habits crept back in and along with it came the weight I had lost.

But this is where that changes! I am NOT happy with my body, I am NOT happy with how it makes me feel nor the effects it is no doubt having on my health. Therefore, after much consideration I have decided to document, for the next 365 days, my road to a new fitter, healthier me. And, why 365 days you ask? Well, on this day next year I am to experience one of the biggest days of anyone's life... my wedding day! It is a day where all eyes are on you (which at this moment in time fills me with dread!), and therefore, what better reason to commence my new healthy lifestyle?

I do not have a set weight, or dress size that I want to be on my wedding day, the only goal I am going to set myself as an end result is to be as healthy, happy and fit as I can be for my wedding day. I have set weight goals in the past, and not suprisingly these goals have never been reached, therefore I would rather set small 'targets' along my journey. Whether it be to increase my running by a certain distance, or increase time, I do feel small 'targets' along the way will encourage me to keep motivated! And ofcourse, I have you guys to keep a close watch on me to make sure I am doing what I should be! Right?!

I will be posting every day, telling you my highs and lows, my progress and my problems. I am no personal trainer or nutritionist, but I will include a food diary of some of the meals I will be eating, as well as details of the sort of exercise I will be doing. If nothing else, it will make me be able to monitor my journey and learn where I could have tried harder!

Every Saturday, I will be weighing and measuring myself and will blog my results, good or bad! I am hoping that by blogging my journey it encourages me to keep on track, where I would normally give up. So below are my current stats, and a few pictures of me today, and I hope when you visit back in the weeks to come these numbers and pictures begin to improve!

Weight: 13 stone 10lbs


Arms: 32cm
Chest: 103cm
Waist: 92cm
Hips: 117cm
Thighs: 67cm

I hope you enjoy reading my blog, if you have any questions please get in touch!

Ellie x

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