About Me

I started writing this blog with 365 days until my wedding day. I wanted to give myself the extra encouragement and drive I needed to stay 'on the wagon' and get myself to where I want to be physically. I also wanted to start blogging as a way of documenting my wedding plans, and just life's general events.

I went in thinking, if the only thing that comes out of me documenting my life in the run up to my wedding is that I can look back on it in days, months and years to come, and it remind me of what I experienced during this time in my life, then I will be extremely happy. Anything more than that, including anyone reading this, and I will be over the moon!

I have always struggled with my weight, and for most of my adult life have always weighed over 12st 7lbs, the heaviest I ever was was 14st 5lbs back in April 2009.

My lightest weight in recent years was February 2011 when I weighed 12 stone. I am hopefully going to get back to that weight very soon! For some reason I didn't get any body shots when I was at my lightest, but a size 12 French Connection dress fitted me perfectly, and they are well known for their small sizes!

And this is me today, September 2012. 13 stone. I am 'okay' with the way I look, but really would like to feel happier with the way I look.

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