Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Day 5 - Ice-cream Dream

Well today was (almost) a success! The best day yet with regards to eating clean, healthy foods! Below is what I ate during the day...

Breakfast - Special K with semi-skimmed milk

Lunch - Cheese & Olive Salad - random i know, but when you have five minutes before you need to leave before work you'd be surprised what you think will be okay to eat for lunch! I've included a picture of this below, as a dressing I just threw on some balasamic vinegar, my go to 'dressing' when i'm in a rush!

Dinner - Spaghetti Bolagnese, using extra lean mince with onions, peppers and mushrooms. One of my favourite meals, as it is so quick to put together and cook, plus a good healthy meal! I am sure you will be seeing alot fo this meal throughout the year!

Snacks - Grapes, oranges x2 and 1x apple.

Now to why my day was ALMOST a success.

CAUGHT RED HANDED! I had no intentions of having an ice-cream, let alone a Magnum, but when one of the directors of the company I work for walks in after lunch into our boiling office (typical when the weather is hot in England our aircon decides to break!) with a tray full of ice-creams to choose from for everyone, I just could not find it in my body to say no.

I'm sorry!

I did check the calorie content, 260, and made a promise to myself to be good for the rest of the day. And I was, so that is why I take it as an 'almost' successful day!

I am not doing this to lose weight fast, I want it to be a life change and along the way treats like the Magnum will not hurt, just as long as these treats don't become too regular! If I were to go cold turkey and not have any 'treats' I'd be off the wagon before you could say the word wagon, so it may not be how the professionals would do it, but this is my way and I have a feeling it could work for me!

Hope you are all enjoying reading my blog.

Speak soon!
Ellie x

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