Monday, 10 September 2012

Day 108 - Show Time!


So after our spa day break, I got home today and guess what I did?


No guesses? Well, it was a pretty eventful morning this morning....


eeeeek! You can probably guess from all of the exclimations and capitals that I am pretty damn excited!

I ordered a dress that I have now tried on a total of FIVE times. I first came across the dress at the beginning of this year, but didn't want to commit to buying a dress with well over twelve months til the wedding day. So I kept shopping around and what do you know, kept going back to the same dress and having the same feelings. So today I took the big step and ordered it!!! I am so SO excited that it is now ordered, and I cannot wait for it to arrive!

After that pretty eventful morning we then spent the rest of the day at a local village show, where alot of my family were. It was such a nice day weather wise, and was lovely to see my family, as always! Especially this little munch...

I could cuddle her all day!

Food -

Breakfast - Porridge
Lunch - 1 x brown toast with peanut butter
Dinner - Vegetable Pathia with boiled rice and salad

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