Sunday, 16 September 2012

Day 115 - Green Fingers!

Don't you just love the weekends?! Even when you spend most of your weekend doing chores, well in my case, I still love the weekends! This weekend, with the weather still being quite nice, we decided to start sorting out our garden. We have wanted to sort out our patio area for a very long time, but just haven't had the time/money/effort to do it! So we started the day like this...

We are extending our patio slightly and will be laying down gravel for most of it. We have ummed and ahhed whether to use slabs or gravel, and personally I think gravel looks better, and thankfully is alot cheaper! Here is the other half working hard laying the railway sleepers which will act as the edge of the patio. I am impressed so far!

Whilst he was hard at work laying the railway sleepers, I repainted some of the fences (we are replacing some of them shortly) and moved some of the plants we were keeping further down the garden. When we lay the new patio area we are going to have several plant pots instead of a border. I have never been one for gardening but am really enjoying this project!

This is how the garden looked after our first day of work...

The railway sleepers are place and ready for the gravel. Before that we've got to level the surface, but hopefully that won't take too long!

After spending all day in the garden I can confirm it is a very good workout! My legs were quite stiff from crouching down, and I just generally felt like I had worked very hard - which I had!

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend!

Ellie x

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