Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Day 122 - An Eventful Day

Sorry I've been MIA the past few days guys - it's been manic! I'll start from where I left off...

Saturday was abit of a rubbish one! We started the day gathering supplies to finish off the garden, and when we went to collect some tools that my partner uses for work, realised all of their work tools had been stolen out of the van. Not a great start!

Because our minds were elsewhere when we had to leave ours to go an sort the van out and speak to the police, we forgot to grab our house key... and locked ourselves out. Not a good day!

As our luck would have it everyone we had given a key to our house couldn't find theirs either, so after attempting to get in through the front door we had no option but to smash the back window in and climb through.

Not a good day!

We spent the rest of the day doing th garden and then went to a house party. It ended on a high atleast!

Food -

Brunch - Porridge
Dinner - Pasta with vegetables

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