Sunday, 16 September 2012

Day 114 - Week 16 Weigh In & Progress Pictures

Start Weight: 13st 10lbs

Last Weeks Weight: 13st 0.4lbs

This Week: 13st 0.4lbs


Arms - 29cm
Chest - 101cm
Waist - 84cm
Hips - 114cm
Thigh - 62cm

No change again! Two weeks without any changes. To be honest I can see why there hasn't been any change. I did over indulge on my birthday last week so am still probably paying for that!

I'm not expecting weight loss every week, but definitely want to get into the 12's very soon!!

Today was a good day, after work I went for a brief walk and then out for a few drinks with the girls to celebrate one of my best friends birthdays. It was such a lovely night and it felt good to dress up a little!

Now, it's been a little overdue but I have included some progress pictures. Below are pictures taken in the first day of my new healthy lifestyle plan, 114 days ago, and this is me today. Can you tell a difference? I think I can, and can now see where I need to make improvements!

Excuse the picture quality, I really need to teach the other half how to take pictures properly! I think from this picture you can tell there is some change in my face, not so much anywhere else though!

 Now this is my favourite picture of the bunch! I think it is quite clear to see there is some weightloss from this picture. Plus, I am in my size 12 jeans in the pictures on the right which makes me feel amazing! They are a little on the snug size, but that is only making me want to lose weight more for them to fit properly.

Urgh, this is really where I need to work hard. Even though you can see an improvement, I seriously need to work on the back fat! I have never really taken much notice about my back, and just generally concentrated on the normal areas women are concious about, waist, hips, thighs etc, but can honestly say I need to and want to work alot harder on reducing the fat on my back. I mean, it just looks horrid! Luckily I rarely wear fitted tops (I do for the pictures to help show my body shape as easily as possible) so most people might not notice it, but taking this second picture has given me the kick up the backside I needed... again!

I have decided I will now be taking pictures monthly to monitor my progress, and I would love to see any progress pictures you have!

Ellie x

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