Wednesday, 12 September 2012

Day 111 - Ivy Nightmare!

I am really enjoying my porridge and blueberries for breakfast, it is keeping me full for atleast four hours which is amazing!

My lunch was leftover spaghetti bolognese, delish!

After work myself and the partner had to lovely job of tearing down some ivy that had been growing up our house. It has been about 6 foot tall for the amount of time we have lived at this property, however due to the amount of rain we have had over the last few months it has grown so much and got the point where it was getting into the guttering, not good! So we decided to rip it all down, so we don't have to worry about maintaining it.

Also, I have never EVER seen so many spiders in my life! There was no way I wanted to keep that anywhere near my house!!

And this is it after...

It's looking a little bare, but alot better than it did before! The markings on the brickwork will fade, but at the moment it's looking a little rough around the edges!

I then spent an hour in the bath using a deep conditioning hairmask and body scrub, trying to capture a little of the experience I had at the spa the other day! It was lovely and very relaxing, but not a scratch on what I had the other day! Will have to try harder next time!


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