Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Day 117 - Garden Progress!

The garden is taking shape now, hopefully by the weekend it will be finished! We have wanted to change the patio area since we moved in, but due to other financial ties we have been unable to. I am so glad we are now getting to improve our home!

Food -

Breakfast - Porridge

Lunch - Leftover salad from yesterdays dinner at my parents. I added some coleslaw and potato salad to it for some extra crunch!

Dinner - Homemade italian thin crust vegetable pizza. I was intending to take a picture but I was just too hungry and it tasted too damn good!

Exercise -

15 minute ab workout

Today I have been spending alot of time updating my blog and getting it more user friendly, but have a long walk planned for tomorrow evening. I can't wait to get out in the autumn sunshine!

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