Monday, 13 August 2012

Day 81 - Floral Fun

Wow, 80 days in! Only 285 days til I make that big step and walk down the aisle. Not long to go now! We have had a very 'wedding' weekend, what with visiting the florist and trying suits on. We still have a long way to go (heck, my dress is get to be ordered!) but we are making slow progress, and enjoying the journey along the way!

Before we went to see the florist I decided to catch some of the summer rays. Sometimes there is nothing better than sitting in the sunshine!

After seeing the florist and doing our food shop for the week, we then went onto ANOTHER BBQ, with friends. It was lovely to see them, and their children. Luckily my friend had prepared gorgeous salads and so I devoured most of them, and had a little bit of chicken to go with it. Delish!

We ended the day watching the Olympics Closing Ceremony (sob), and even though I had to be up for 7am this morning for work I did not allow myself to miss a second of the ceremony, so it was quite a late one! We did have a little visitor who came to stay for the Closing Ceremony...

The little fidgit! She is just over four months old now, and does not keep still!!!!

Tomorrow I will be starting my walking again, and I WILL reach my targets for the week!

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