Saturday, 25 August 2012

Day 93 - Week 13 Weigh In

Today's results:

Start Weight: 13st 10lbs

Last Weeks Weight: 13st 2.8lbs

This Week: 13st 0.4lbs

Amazing! I am 0.4lbs away from the 10lb mark! I am so chuffed after weeks of staying the same! Persistence pays :)

I am also starting to get comments from people asking if I've lost weight, and how good I am looking, which feels SO good! I am the largest out of my friends so this feels so good that people are starting to notice a difference in my size! You can probably make that out by all of he exclamation marks I'm using!!


Arms - 29cm
Chest - 101cm
Waist - 84cm. Lost 1cm!
Hips - 114cm
Thigh - 62cm

Not much to show for on the measurement from, but it is moving in the right direction!

I have been walking a lot this week, as well a doing a lot of housework. This week I plan to start jogging and doing more of my abs workouts.

Fingers crossed for another weight loss this week!

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