Sunday, 26 August 2012

Day 94

Food -

I started the day with a bacon sandwich in brown bread. Not the best, but not the worst!

I then did have a couple of biscuits in the afternoon with some tea, I suppose as a celebration of my weight loss (why do I do that?!) and ended the day with a pitta bread stuffed with alas and light mayonnaise. Yum!

Exercise -

We didn't have any plans for today, and we were in need of doing something that ideally wouldn't cost money! So we decided to walk to my parents house, almost 9 miles from ours!

We did the walk, which took almost three hours as we went at a very leisurely pace, which included getting lost a couple of times and an eventful thunderstorm right above us at one point!

It felt amazing on the walk, blowing the cobwebs away and just getting out in the fresh air. We have made a promise to do it more often, so watch this space!

Here are some pictures from the walk, we endured blazing sunshine, clouds, torrential rain and thunderstorms during our outing! Plus stumbling across some lovely cows!


  1. Hi there Ellie,
    I was reading some of your blog posts and I glad that you are encouraged to lose some weight for your wedding. I think you are in England? I actually did not know what a "stone" was, so I looked it up. I have been dieting since June and after figuring out the stone thing, I figured out that today WE WEIGHT THE EXACT SAME THING!!!! I have lost twenty pounds and it has been hard! I am at a standstill right now, which is encouraging me to give up! How tall are you? I am 5'5" or 65 inches. I am much older than you. I want to get down to 150 pounds. I would be very happy with 160. I haven't been exercising and need to start! We can buddy up and be accountable to each other! There are some foods that get me "over the edge" of starvation. Some do have sugar though. I have been following a modified "Weight Watchers" plan -- everything in moderation, but I have tried to completely let go of bread. I do eat a sprout bread that contains no flour. Keep up the good work!!!

  2. Hi Jackie!
    Thanks for your comment! And well done on loosing 20lbs, that's amazing! I've only lost 10lbs so far, and that has been tough. I don't have an ideal weight as such, but 160lbs would be amazing to get to! I've got 9 months til my wedding so hopefully will get there by then!
    Yes I live in England, with it's delightful weather! Where abouts do you live in USA? I got engaged in Boston last October and am hoping to return in the near future. I'd love to live there!
    Do you blog your weightloss journey? I've found it really helps me stick to my plan and not be too naughty, I am distracted so easily by chocolate and cakes!!!
    I would love to team up and encourage one another, I think we would both really benefit from it! Safety in numbers and all that :)
    Look forward to hearing from you again soon!
    Ellie x