Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Day 55 - Walking on Sunshine!


It felt SO good getting these clothes back on! I haven't been on a power walk for a good few weeks due to my broken toe, but tonight I went for it! And it wasn't too bad. There was a slight ache on some steps, but I'd say 90% of the walk was perfect! I'm going to attempt another walk in two days, and hopefully add some jogging into it as well! :)

The walk wasn't a long one, as I wasn't sure how my toe would hold up, but I am so glad the 'first' walk is now done! My next walk will be back to the normal 3 miles, and hopefully a little jogging! I can't believe I am looking forward to jogging... how strange.


Once we returned from the walk, we then cooked up a feast! We shared a large sweet potato, is it just me or do you reach for the largest sweet potato in sight when shopping?! I don't get why I do, I must feel it is better value for money, even though you pay for the weight! So yeah, we cooked sweet potato and made a chilli to go with it.

IT WAS GORGEOUS! The tastiest tea I have had in a while. Below are our ingredients, incase you are thinking of replicating...(trust me, it's easy)

1 x Pepper
7/8 x Mushrooms
1 x Onion
400g Extra Lean Mince
1 x Carton of Passatta
1 x tbsp of Hot Chilli Powder
1 x tbsp Basil
1 x Clove of Garlic

The receipe is so SO simple, you basically;
  • Chop up veg
  • Cook mince
  • Add veg once mince is almost cooked
  • Then add herbs and spices
  • After five minutes then add passatta
  • Chilli will be ready in another 15/20 mins!
Personally I would add kidney beans, however the otherhalf doesn't like them. How rude?! Our cooking is very 'throw it together and see how it comes out', so you can make any changes to the ingredients above and I am sure it would taste just as good! Let me know if any of you try it out.

And for pudding...


Although it didn't taste as good as it does when on holiday... funny that. It got me thinking about holidays and how much I would love to be laying on a sun lounger, next to a pool in the glorious sunshine. Oh how I would love to be there! I haven't been on a 'sun' holiday in almost two years, and won't be going on another until atleast our honeymoon... in ten months! What about you guys? Will you be sunning it this year, or taking an alternative holiday? Last year we went to Boston and New York, and would love to return one year. As much as I love a chilled holiday by the pool, that holiday won hands down, I would recommend anyone to visit those cities!


Ellie x

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