Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Day 68 - Monday Blues

Is it not just the worst day of the week? I always dread waking up on that Monday morning, when it dawns on you the weekend is over and you have to leave the most comfortable place in the world, aka my bed. Once I am up and out of bed the day is never as bad as I imagine, but that few minutes after the alarm rings and you have to get up is just pure torture!

Today was a normal working day for me, and once I got home my sister, niece and parents dog came over to sleep. All the girls! My poor fiance was most definitly out-numbered last night!

I helped feed my gorgeous niece porridge, she is just over 3 months old so has only just started on solids, and she loved it! You couldn't tell from this picture though as most of it ended up on her, bless! She was distracted in this picture by the Olympics we were watching on the TV.

On a side note, how addictive is the Olympics?! I am loving watching all of the events, especially the aquatics! I just hope GB get a gold soon, just one and I would be happy! :)

I started using a new app last night, and so far I am really enjoying using it! It's called 'Absolute Abs' and provides you with varous abs exercises for beginners, intermediate and advanced users.

It also has a 'train for the day' option, which gives you a set workout to complete in the allocated time. The workout yesterday included crunches, mountain climbers, back extension and plank hold which I had to do 20 seconds at a time, with rests, continually for 7 minutes. It was hard work but I felt so good after it!

As you can see it have an 'give me a break' feature, so if you need to pause for whatever reason you can. This app was free, and even after only one use I would highly recommend it! I am going to try and keep up the daily workouts for as long as I can, they usually alternate between 7 to 8 minutes, and include workouts from beginner stage right through to advanced, so gives you a great overall workout.

I will keep you posted on my progress!

Has anyone else tried this app? What did you think, was it easy to stick too and see results from? Would love to hear some stories!

Ellie x

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