Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Day 61 - Monday Madness

Why do we have to work?

I mean, I get WHY, but even when the weather is this good?! Really?!


If you are not from the UK you are probably thinking, yeah we have sunshine almost every day, and? Well trust me when I say, the sun rarely makes an apperance in the UK, hence why I try to make the most of it when it does appear! So much so we are planning on going away this weekend to make the most it, however after checking the forecast I don't think we'll be going anywhere. Shock.

 Hopefully 'they' have got it wrong and we can get away for a day or two by the beach!

Today was another good day food wise, and we also went for a two mile walk after work in the glorious sunshine! It wasn't the most intense walk, but where we live it is very hilly, and so got a good cardio workout going up and downhill for the whole route! I have also been continuing with my shake weight, and can really feel a different in my upper arms now. I will be doing a post in the next day or two on my progress, along with some pictures!

Tea for today was spaghetti bolognese, one of our go-to meals! Never get tired of it!

Tomorrow I intend to do some more exercise, possibly some Zumba, and wiggle away this weight!


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