Sunday, 29 July 2012

Day 66 - Family Time

Hope you are all having a fantastic weekend! We are over here! Our weekend began by watching the Olympic opening ceremony, and what else can I say other than OH MY GOD! How fantastic was it?! I was so proud to be British watching the ceremony, and thought Danny Boyle, the creator and director of the ceremony, did an amazing job putting it all together. Below are a couple of screen shots from the show, I was completely blown away all of the way through.

Team GB all the way!

Yesterday we spent the day dog walking, and visiting family. We visited my other half's sister who lives near Ludlow, Shropshire. It in such a beautiful location, I love visiting! We enjoyed a lovely BBQ whilst there, and I got to see an egg hatch with a tiny chick inside. So SO cute! Below are a couple of pictures from our visit...

The views driving to their house. Amazing!

Some of their land, including pony, goats, chickens, dogs, cats... etc!

We also spent time with my niece and parents dog, look how cute they are getting along!

Tomorrow we are putting up our new garden gate (woop woop!) and watching more of the Olympics. I am really enjoying watching the games, my favourite so far being the aquatic sports. I am looking forward to watching some sports I wouldn't normally... the other half is looking forward to watching the beach volleyball. I wonder why?


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