Thursday, 14 June 2012

Day 21 - Oops

As you can tell my the title, today did not go as planned.

All day I ate really well, with my normal breakfast followed by salad for lunch and a pasta with vegetables dish for tea. But then came the afters.

I was on my own, Dan has gone to play golf and I was watching four episodes, back to back, of One Tree Hill. And before you know it I've eaten half a large bar of Milkybar. A big fat FAIL!

As soon as I realised how much I'd eaten I felt so bad, even though it tasted amazing! I always struggle in the evening and without my normal routine of Dan being home, I just gave into temptation. Arghh!

If this was 'me' a few weeks ago I would've thought, 'heck I've fallen off the wagon, I may as well go for it!' but I didn't, and I won't! Tomorrow I will be back on it full swing, and will be attempting another jog to keep my exercise up :)

Hope you dieters out there are feeling positive and are seeing great results! Weigh day is looming again and I hope to lose another 2lbs this week. Hopefully I do it! Let me know how you are getting on, inspiration is what I need right now! :)

Ellie xx

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