Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 29 (Again) - All Change!

Well guys, today a 'first' happened to me. I broke my first bone. Urgh :(

Only a small bone, but a bone all the same. I was walking up the stairs to my office at work and tripped on the steps, thus stubbing my toe and making an almighty sound. The pain got gradually worse, along with the swelling, so I went off to A&E where the doctors confirmed I have indeed broken my big toe. Oh the joys! And just when I was getting into my jogging!!!!!! Why now?!

So I am currently lay on the sofa, foot elevated with an ice pack, as the doctor ordered, feeling very annoyed and angry this has happened. And yes, it means I am not going to the Jay-Z and Kanye gig this evening, double angriness, if there is such a word.

I have broken my big toe on my right foot, therefore I cannot put full pressure on my foot, shoes are a no no until the swelling goes down, and the bruising, well, as I am sure you can imagine is pretty damn attactive! And to top it off, I woke up with a stinking cold this morning, which due to my drowsyness, could've caused the trip. I think all in all, this has been a complete right off of a day!!!

*sad ellie*

My view for the day... yawwwn!

A very big BIG toe. Hey, atleast my naisl were freshly painted! :)

So guys, it looks like the jogging will be off for a few weeks, but I am looking in alternative exercises to do whilst my toe heals. Obviously until I can walk properly I won't be doing anything, but if you have any ideas of what I can do when I am almost healed it would be greatly appreciated!

Ellie xx

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