Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Day 26 - Birthday Preparations!

Today the diet was back on, full steam ahead!

I ate my usual breakfast, special k with semi skimmed milk (i'm wondering if I will ever grow bored of it!) followed by jacket potato and salad for lunch. In the evening I cooked mushrooms, peppers, onions, passatta and a load of herbs and spices mixed with pasta for tea. It was one of my go-to 'I haven't got the time or energy to cook anything else' meal! It always tastes good, fills the gap and is very healthy! Sometimes, if I have eaten well all day, I put on a little parmesan on top just to give that extra flavour.

As well as cooking tea I also had a very difficult job to do... make a birthday cookie cake. Oh the tourment!! My partner is renound for his sweet tooth (if you thought I like chocolate you should see what he can inhale) and one of his favourites is a chocolate brownie receipe I make on occassions. It is so simple, but so SO unhealthy! But as they say, the things you do for love, I made the brownie cake regardless.

Once it was cooked, and the smell was covering the house (sheer tourment I tell you!), I attempted to ice it. Not the most amazing of icing jobs I have ever seen, but not too bad for a first attempt! What do think? I think I needed to wait for the cake/brownie to cool down a little more before I iced it! And maybe not write over icing is already done. #error

Tomorrow I will try and resist eating the cake... arghh!

Ellie x

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