Friday, 22 June 2012

Day 29 - Come Rain or Shine!

It's official, I am enjoying jogging! Hurrah! I went for another interval jog yesterday and enjoyed it even more, and what's even more rewarding, is I managed to jog slightly further than the evening before, thus bettering my time! This is one happy lady right here!

Yesterdays Jog Results -

Todays Jog Results -

Now I never thought I would be the person trying to increase my jogging time, or attempting to increase the distance I jog (I don't feel I can use the term 'run' yet, but maybe one day) or even WANTING to get out there and jog. I would cringe at friends who were gutted they were injured and couldn't exercise, and would think, how sad are they?! But I get it now. I've always flirted with exercise, doing bits here and there, never really committing myself to a routine, but I've got the point now where I want to exercise regularly, it makes me feel good and hey, it plays a huge part in getting me get to the size I want to be!

Of course I have always known exercise is good for you, and I knew to lose weight I would need to exercise regularly, but actually doing it never comes as easy to me! I've known for so SO long what I need to be doing, and now I'm finally putting it into practice, it feels great!

I jogged for 3.15 miles, the normal route I go, in torrential rain, and it was so much fun! I have never jogged in the rain before, and I loved it! It felt so refreshing after spending almost 9 hours of my day sat at a desk, to get out and moving in the fresh air. Ahhh, the simple things in life!

A little dirty after my jog! :)

My food intake today was also good, a huge thumbs up for me! :)

Breakfast - Special K with semi skimmed milk
Lunch - Pasta with tomatoes, onion and light mayonnaise
Dinner - Sweet potato jacket with Onions, mushrooms, chilli and peppers cooked in pasatta, basil and cayenne pepper. Delicious!

Tonight I am off to celebrate the fiancés birthday and going to see Kanye West and Jay-Z's closing night of their Watch the Throne tour. I am so excited, and the fiancé is such a huge fan I can't wait to take him! I will take pictures and shall with you all tomorrow... tomorrow being weigh day!

Speak to you all then!

Ellie x

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