Thursday, 21 June 2012

Day 28 - Progress

Well guys, today is a momentus day. I went for a jog, and enjoyed it. Yes, enjoyed it! I had spent all day LOOKING FORWARD to going to for the jog, mental I know, and really enjoyed myself when jogging. I didn't manage to jog for too long, maybe a mile and a half, but felt so much better for it! The scenery on the jog isn't too shabby either. :)

Can't say I looked so good after it though...

Lobster anyone? No pain, no gain though ey?!

I had spent today a little stressed. Another woman in the office I work in is getting married at the end of the Summer and is busy planning her day, currently sending the invites out. I am not really sure why but it set me panicking, thinking I needed to be doing something! I have almost 11 months til my wedding day, and have booked the venue, church, cars, photographer and decided on my dress and bridesmaid dresses. I'm pretty much on schedule, right?

So i googled wedding to do list and according to them I seem to be okay, although my next few items I need to concentrate on are booking a band/DJ and videographer. I am on it! We are going to see a band this weekend, who also does DJing, as a potential booking and I do have a relative who is videographer, bingo! So I am sure within the next few weeks I will have them both booked. Panic over (for now!)

Diet wise, food today was good!

Breakfast - Special K with semi-skimmed milk
Lunch - Cheese, tomato and onion sandwich on brown bread
Dinner - Gammon, potato with peas and sweetcorn. Oh, and a little pineapple on top. Yum!

I am planning on going on another jog tomorrow after how good it made me feel today. I always read that after exercise you feel so much more awake, happy and alive... well as corny as it may sound, I have to agree! I may be warming to the idea that exercise is, indeed, good for you!

Ellie x

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