Monday, 18 June 2012

Day 25 - Air Show Day

Today there was an air show on at the local RAF base, and my parents house has a perfect view of all the action!

I've included a couple of pictures from the day, it was lovely seeing all of the family and enjoying the BBQ food!

I was pretty good food wise for the whole day, here is what I ate.

Breakfast - special k with semi skimmed milk
Lunch/Dinner - BBQ food. Salads, chicken, sausages, jacket potato and rice salad. All very yummy, healthy and filling!
Snack - now, there is my downfall. My mother (bless her!) put some gorgeous food, followed by my favourite sweet.... scones with clotted cream and jam! Now, I tried so hard to resist but caved, and had half of a scone with a small amount of cream and jam. It was delicious! I am glad I only had half, it was plenty and I didn't feel too guilty after eating it.

Drink wise, I didn't have anything alcoholic. I spend the day drinking diet coke, fun fun! :)

Tomorrow is back to work for me, followed by a week of celebrations for my fianc├ęs birthday! Hopefully I can keep on track and resist the temptation of birthday treats...

Ellie x

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