Saturday, 16 June 2012

Day 23 - Weigh In Week 3

Dun dun duuuuun!

Not happy with this weigh in. I stayed the same, again! 13st 7lbs (well,just below).

Although, as much as I'm not happy, I can see why it has happened. Too many bad foods snuck in this week, and I only have myself to blame for consuming them!

Even though the scales didn't say what I wanted them to say, my measurements weren't completely bad.

Arms - 30cm
Chest - 100cm
Waist - 86cm. Lost 2cm!
Hips - 115cm
Thigh - 63cm. Lost 2cm!

I have felt trimmer in the waist his week, and the measurements agree! I'm very happy with these results, and it shows even when the scales aren't showing results, things are moving the right way! I do think my walking and jogging this week are to thank for the cm's going from my waist and thighs. It is worth the pain! :)

Over the next week I am going to continue jogging, and aim to increase my jogging distance to 1.5miles, hopefully reaching 2miles continuous by the end of the week.

Food wise, I am going to try a couple of new recipes, and possibly some alternatives to keep my sweet tooth happy! Someone at work has recently made some sugar free muffins, which I am tempted to make myself!

Hope all you dieters are doing well out there, I would love to hear how your progress is going!

I am off to a BBQ tomorrow so hopefully I can resist the mounds of buns, burgers and relishes!!!

Ellie x

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