Tuesday, 26 June 2012

Day 33 - Little by Little

Progress guys! My toe is feeling alot better today. I can put more pressure on my foot, and can walk a little better. I'm sure that doesn't sound much to you, but is very exciting for me!

I am hoping to be walking properly by the weekend, as I have two events to go to which I want to wear heels for! I might be stretching it a little too much for that, but that is my aim! I cannot wait to get moving properly again, and back to my jogging. I have a horrible feeling having this much time inbetween jogging is going to make me fall behind on my progress, and take longer to complete the route.

Food Diary -

Breakfast - Special K with semi-skimmed milk
Lunch - Cheese and salad sandwich on granary bread
Dinner - Half a sweet potato with mushrooms, onions, peppers with herbs, spices and passatta.

Below is a picture of my tea. There is a sweet potato hiding under there somewhere!

Hope your all having a good day.

Ellie x

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